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Very happily and harmoniously married for over 40 years, my dearest and I feel privileged and blessed. After all, so much of what we have was not our choice! Each growing up in a home shaped by following Jesus has given us and our tribe great strength and stability as well as good health.
We have each worked in different aspects of Christian things all our lives – and have enjoyed so much of it.
There are very few people who don’t respect Jesus, but when it comes to his followers and “the coal face”, well, that’s a different story – and all too often for real reasons.
Our journey with the Adelaide crowd in recent years has been especially fulfilling.
Being in Christian work doesn’t give you a big income but we’ve been able to live modestly, and still save enough to see a lot of Australia, New Zealand and other fantastic parts of the world.
Some of the above may seem a tad unimaginative and humdrum, but we know few people of our ilk and resources who enjoy the acceptance and care, productivity and peace that we have. And it seems we’ve been able to pass this on in some measure to our four adult kids and their developing lives.


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  1. A name from the past… I was reminded of you when I bought a book in Sydney a few months ago titled Retro Sydney which contained a photo of you and family. I was reminded of our friendship of a long time ago! I remember visiting you in Kingston after your family moved there. I have lived in the UK since 1964 and in Scotland in particular since 1976. I found this interesting blog and wonder whether we can catch up in some way!

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