Time for trivia

Happy new year!  I trust you my valued readers have a God-blessed and productive 2011!

Our summer so far and the year’s opening have been wet and mild in Adelaide.  South Oz escaped the terrible devastation and loss of life and property due to record rains in several states, but we were very much on the edge of the weather events responsible for this.  Never in my 14 years in this fair city have I seen it looking so green and flourishing in mid-summer, and we’ve enjoyed having no heatwaves… yet.  The first one’s coming up this weekend: 39, 42, and 41 degrees Centigrade are expected over the next days.

We’ve enjoyed our holiday season – swims several mornings each week, many walks and extra special meals, a wonderful week with our children and grandchildren in coastal Victoria, a weekend welcoming our newest grandchild, and a good break from normal work and other pressures.

It’s time to get back to my blogging projects, but I’m still in holiday mode and working on several other plans for the year ahead, so here (and just for my fun) is a little list with a bit more about me. Hope you enjoy it and perhaps do your own ABC?

A – Age:   65
B – Bed size:  Queen (much better for this lanky lad’s comfort)
C – Chore you hate:  None really!  I’m lucky that service is my #1 love language.
D – Dog’s name:  Haven’t had one since Mandy (but I do like dogs).
E – Essential start of the day item:  A 5 km walk or 1 km swim depending on the season.
F – Favourite colour:  Green (what else for a Fred?)
G – Gold or Silver:  Gold
H – Height:  186 cm (6’1″)
I – Instruments you play:  None.  Started harmonium (pedal organ lessons, lousy teacher) I can sing OK though.
J – Job:  Retired but still involved in elder pastoral care and churches… means not very retired.
K – Kids:  Four – now adult – always and still one of our greatest joys !
L – Living arrangements:  always with my nearly perfect wife of 42 years.
M – Music you love:  Just about everything but especially Bach, Brahms and opera.
N – Nicknames:  Froggy… but it’s not widely used.
O – Overnight hospital stay at hospital:  only once, for surgery at 10 days to fix pyloric stenosis – a lifesaver.
P – Pet Peeve:  People without compassion.
Q – Quote from a movie:  Forrest Gump: “Mama always said life was like a box a chocolates, never know what you’re gonna get.”
R – Right handed or left:  Right.
S – Siblings:  Four, 1 brother and 3 sisters.
T – Time you wake up:  Usually before 6, but I doze to get up about 7ish.
U – Underwear:  Essential in layers in winter to keep the itchies at bay.
V – Vegetable you dislike:  Love ‘em all if prepared with some skill.
W – Workout Style:  Relaxed – I’m not competitive and want to live another day.
X – X-rays you’ve had:  Dental only; never another reason for one.
Y – Yummy food you make:  Baking fresh bread.
Z – The best place to visit:  I love Sydney.  And outside OZ, Amsterdam, London and Rome.


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