Taking a break

Readers of my Pages will be patient with me while I take a break.  The last few weeks have been rather busy, and to blog well one has to be passionate – which is hard with too many other things on my mind.  My tribute to Rev John Stott was heartfelt – and well-read.  I am grateful for that.

And to blog without passion (which in me tends to be well below the surface, anyway)?  Few people, whether friends or visitors, read those kinds of blogs.  My blogs about Surviving Infant Surgery, which are invariably passionate and well read, will continue to be posted weekly, but Fred’s Pages and SIS reach out to largely different interest groups.

I assure you Fred’s Pages will be back in a while, regularly if not always weekly, as soon as I’ve got a little more time to reflect and write.  I’ve got a few topics in the oven.

If you’re a Facebook Friend of mine, I’ll let you know there when I get back into gear.  Or you could subscribe to Fred’s Pages – WordPress will let you know too.


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