Sea change? Ocean change! (2)

way-forward-signIn a recent post I wrote about a Christian medical doctor who decided that she could be a more effective Jesus-follower as a secondary teacher in a Christian school context.  I am heartened by the fact that I know several people who have made a similar mind and heart change.

My previous post outlined some of the changes I have recently made to my retirement commitments and plans.

Now I want to recount briefly the story of my successor in giving Christian pastoral support to the elderly care community which I have served since 1997: he has also made a major “sea change”.

Since becoming a Christian some 8 years ago this middle-aged husband and father of two has grown in his understanding of Christian faith and living, and has actively fostered this growth:

  • by active involvement in the life and work of a local church,
  • by undertaking tertiary studies to broaden and deepen his knowledge and gifts, and
  • by committing to various channels of Christian service.

It soon became clear to me that God may have been preparing this man for this major move for many years.  He holds university degrees in music and commerce, has worked in several financial areas of Government and private firms, and is now well qualified to hold secure employment in the business, taxation and financial consultancy fields for a national company.

But, like the doctor I have written about, it became clear to my friend and colleague that God might want to help him rearrange his life.  He has continued to earn almost all his bread and butter by drawing on his 20 years of learning and labour in his old field.  But he has also continued to develop his Christian character and effectiveness with continued enrolment in suitable courses – and by looking for new areas of Christian service.

It has been amazing to me and others in our aged care community that 8 months ago, when I was starting to explore the possibility of “fine-tuning” my retirement (as related in my previous post), this commerce graduate and ex-tax office employee contacted my CEO to ask if there was any way he could get involved in part-time Christian pastoral care and support to the aged care organisation I have supported with devotion and pleasure for 16 years!

So during the past 7 months I have worked alongside him and found that he was quickly making his mark – not bad for a 40ish year old with a financial degree and work background!  And it is no secret that workers in the aged care field do not receive a high salary.

When I retired (again!) last month, he was suitably ready to take over – and it’s “all good” as they say.

More to the point: God is good!


One comment

  1. Hi Fred,
    Zojuist weer een hele reeks foto’s op Flickr van jullie bekeken. Ben plannen aan het maken voor een trip naar Australië. Deze serie brengt me al aardig in de stemming.
    Volg je verhalen met enige regelmaat.
    Groeten uit nog steeds winters Holland.(23 maart…)

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