In the mean time . . .

No posts since the end of 2013?

2014 and 2015 have been very busy and demanding years, so I needed to do some load-shedding and chose not to post new material to my Fred’s Pages blog and Flickr album.  My Facebook page has been the main way I have chronicled some of what Helen and I have been doing.

150203-2H smlWe have travelled interstate and overseas, we have cruised twice, we’ve helped out in two more churches interstate, and we have sold our Adelaide home, moved most of our personal effects into storage and got the wheels turning towards having a brand new home in 2016 (again in Adelaide).

Although several of the above commitments are still in train, it seems that I’ll be able now to return to posting to this blog – although it will be less regularly than in the past.

It’s also my intention to reflect on some of the things Helen and I have done since December 2013, and I’d also like to pass on a few articles that I found significant or interesting – with proper acknowledgement of course.

Thank you to my Subscribers and casual readers for your interest.


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