Christmas greetings and …

Dear Reader,

Receive my best wishes for a joyful Christmas Season and a great New Year.  I trust that you can enjoy some special times, hopefully with family and friends, as well as a change of pace and focus.


In many ways 2015 has been an unusual but wonderful year for my wife Helen and me.

We completed a total of 11 months of happy and productive locum work in NW Tasmania and Geelong churches, enabling us to make many new friends and reconnect with several others as well as our children and siblings in Tasmania and Victoria (two Australian States).

We sold our first owned home and are building another, again in a NE Adelaide suburb; we are told that we’ll be able to move in late July.  In the meantime, our home base is now the rumpus room of our daughter’s family home very close to where we are building.

Last June we cruised the Pacific with one of our children’s families and celebrated my 70th in a holiday camp with all our children and their families.  My Facebook photo albums show and tell those stories!

We’re both not surprised but a bit sad that we lacked the energy and time to continue with some of our initial retirement commitments and connections – but we certainly replaced these with other productive involvement.  And in 2016 I look forward to more regular blogging.

Thank you for your interest in my Blog – your responses and feedback are always welcome.

With my warm greetings,

Fred Vanderbom


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