Review of a special year and . . .

2016 has certainly been a “different” year.

It’s been the only year ever my Dearest and I have been (and most likely ever will be) involved in the building of a house – our very own home.  And apart from a few of the usual hiccups we must all expect when we deal with builders and tradies, the whole process went very well.  My Facebook page has shown something of the story and the finished result; we are very thankful in many ways for our new home: it’s a dream come true in many respects: location, size and layout, comfort, sustainability, garden…

It’s also been the first year for as long as we can remember that we have had no major “other” commitment.  No school or tertiary studies, no employed or locum work.  Again we’re thankful, as the time, energy and emotions involved in overseeing the housebuilding and then doing the myriad of fitting-out jobs have been quite considerable.

We are glad we could see all our children and their families at least several times, both by travelling interstate and by welcoming them to our new home.

We’re thankful also that we could reconnect with our home church community, meeting regularly with our local Christian family for worship, in two small groups, pastorally, and in less scripted and more fun ways.  It was also good to have time with several of our non-family friends in their homes or at our new address.

During the year the main focus of my wife and my reading has given us a much more detailed understanding of how the Christian faith and its followers have helped shape our “Western” world and Australia in particular.  Nothing to be triumphalist about, as Christians and Churches have made many mistakes, but just as truly we recognise the results of our national mood to shun the Christian “Good News” and the ethic that has flowed for two millennia from the person and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Regrets?  My hope to blog and write more often in 2016 was not fulfilled.  Several other things on my “hope to do” list also didn’t happen; we would have liked to travel more to visit family, friends and colleagues interstate and abroad.

My wife and I have some tentative plans for 2017, including a return to blogging and another trip to the country of our birth to help us stay in touch with our siblings and cousins there.  We’re thankful that our health and finances continue to allow this!

Receive my best wishes for the festive season and 2017.



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